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FHA Loan

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FHA Loans (Federal Housing Administration Loans) aren’t just for first-time homebuyers. Get the facts about FHA Loans and enjoy 3.5% down and an easy approval process. Talk with a friendly Omega loan expert and we’ll find out if an FHA home loan is the right program for you.
  • Qualify with a down payment as low as 3.5%
  • Easy loan qualification
  • Marginal credit acceptable
  • Low rates and easy approval
  • Expert FHA Loan advice
  • Quick approval and closing complete within 30 days
FHA Loan
Fannie Mae HomeReady mortgage loan


FHA is an acronym for the Federal Housing Administration. FHA is part of HUD, which stands for the Department of Housing and Development.

If you’d love to buy a home but have minimal credit, little to no down payment, an FHA loan may be the solution for you. FHA financing was developed to provide homebuyers with an alternative to conventional financing and include attractive and flexible guidelines.

FHA loans are insured by the Federal Housing Administration (FHA) and may have an easier qualification process due to less stringent down-payment and credit requirements than conventional mortgages.

Note: If you’re a current military member or veteran, you may be eligible for a VA home loan with little or no downpayment.

Talk with a friendly Omega loan expert and we’ll find the right home loan program for you.


  • Loan down payments
  • Lower credit thresholds
  • popular for refinancing