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When getting Reno NV home loan or mortgage we know you are investing in a great community. Located near Lake Tahoe, at the base of the Sierra mountain range, residents of Reno enjoy high-desert living. With a population over 250,000, amazing restaurants and nightlife, minor league sports teams, beautiful neighborhoods, and good schools, we know that Reno is a great place to live! Omega Mortgage Group is well established and invested in the Reno community. Even though we do a lot of advertising, it is the referrals from our past clients and neighbors that are the real gold. Reno is competitive and not the easiest place to open a business but if you know us, we welcomed the challenge. We fight hard every day to make sure we are offering the best possible loan options for our borrowers.

We feel at home in Reno. We found that, just like our other markets, in Santa Rosa CA and Redding CA, it’s all about treating our borrower’s the right way. When a client calls in, we listen. They tell us their goals and we present loan options that best fit their needs. From there it’s time for loan application. If you don’t want to come by the office, we will meet you right at your office, cafe or kitchen table. A lot of other lenders think that is over the top, but we know the people of Reno who are our friends and neighbors certainly appreciate our white-glove approach.

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